seagull removalSeagull Control London

We will find the most cost effective way of removing seagulls from your property.

seagull removal Seagull Control London

We will find the most cost effective way of removing seagulls from your property

Controlling Seagulls

Gulls, or as they are more commonly referred to as: ‘seagulls’, were historically a traditional symbol of the British seaside.

Due to rapid increases in urban populations seen in recent decades however, they are now often considered a nuisance and seagull pest control is on the rise around the country.

Driven inland in search of food, gulls can cause a wide range of disturbances to both homes and businesses including:

Sound disturbance: Noise from gulls can be deafening, particularly around nesting season (March – September). Some research has even captured seagull calls at equivalent to alarm clock bells and passing freight trains!

Physical attack: As gulls have become urbanised, they have, by definition, become bolder in their behaviour. Many will now approach humans, seeking food with no fear. This behaviour change, partnered with increased demands for food during nesting season, has led gull attacks on both human and animals (typically; other birds, pet cats and dogs) to become much more prevalent

Excrement: White in colour, seagull waste can not only be unsightly but can be dangerous to health. Rooftop ventilation systems are at particular risk, these areas should be checked regularly for bird activity and where appropriate preventative bird control measures put in place (e.g. seagull spikes)

Damage to buildings and property: like most birds considered pests to urban environments, seagull excrement is acidic. Build-up of gull waste can cause extensive damage, even eroding concrete!

Damage to exterior building systems: Debris and waste from rooftop nesting seagulls can block guttering and drainage systems. In addition, waste caused by nesting also attracts many insects and parasites

Financial: Ongoing building maintenance and cleaning resulting from gull activity can lead to significant costs in the long run

Here we will give you an introduction to; seagull biology and nesting behaviours, legislation and how it impacts seagull problem control, seagull prevention and what to do if you encounter a problem with seagulls in your home or workplace.

A Brief Background to Seagulls

Measuring around 68cm from beak to tail and with recorded wingspans of up to 85cm, seagulls are considered large birds. Many species make up the Gull family, although it is three key species that commonly cause problems in urban areas, these are: Herring Gull, Lesser Black-backed Gull and Greater Black-backed Gull.

Urban seagulls have learnt to scavenge food resources from easily accessible human refuse such as household bins and public litter bins. Moreover, businesses and events serving food are also a target of urban gulls.

Breeding occurs between March and April with nest building commencing in early May. Once a gull pair has successfully nested, they will return to the nest annually. It is for this reason persistent gull problems can be encountered if not properly managed.

Seagulls are also very social animals, established nests can attract other mating pairs to the area who may take residence on surrounding buildings.

Seagulls typically lay around three eggs per clutch with young hatching in June. Hatchlings are fast growing and highly active, occasionally resulting in young falling from the nest (see our section ‘What to do if you have seagulls’ for more info).

Young birds (fledglings) leave the nest in August and reach sexual maturity around three to four years later.

Gulls have been recorded to live up to twenty years – therefore preventative control measures are the most effective solution to potential long-term seagull problems.

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Our experts team will revert with a best quote for your problem.

Seagulls and the Law

In the UK, all three species of seagull are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This legislation makes it illegal to injure or kill any gull. It also prohibits damaging or destroying an active nest or its contents.

These restrictions highlight the importance of ensuring any persons charged with seagull problem control on your property is competent to do so properly, and that any seagull activity is successfully managed at an early stage (before laying, typically March) to ensure long-term effectiveness.

Although special licences can be granted to allow for the destruction of the birds and nests in circumstances that pose a risk to public health and safety, it is rare that such extremes are necessary (read on for further details on prevention and control methods).

Here at Pestcure Ltd, we value ethics and always aim to minimise suffering to pest animals by keeping our staff well trained in best practice and ensuring as a business we stay up-to-date with any relevant technologies and research relating to our field.

Rest assured Pestcure ltd hold not only all the relevant licences to help you prevent and control pests in your home, our experts have a wealth of experience and strive to provide customers with a professional and stress free service.

Whether that be household fumigation for fleas or seagull nest removal in industrial offices!

Seagull Deterrent & Repellents

Seagull Spikes, Bird Wire and Netting

Seagulls prefer to make their nests in high places such as chimneys and roofs. Birds can be prevented from perching (and subsequently nesting) in such places by the application of a physical barrier. Bird spikes (also known as seagull spikes) are pronged devices made of metal or hard plastics that can be attached to the exterior of building to act as a visual deterrent to birds.

Despite their name, ‘spikes’ on the devices actually have blunted tips and do not harm birds. Instead perching is prevented due to the angles the spikes are arranged in. Bird wire deterrents prevent birds from perching in a similar way to spikes, with rows of thin horizontal wires running parallel to the protected surface.

Advantages to bird wire are that they are less noticeable then other physical barrier options and can be applied to a wide variety of building designs.

Considered amongst the most effective and long-lasting methods of bird control, bird netting is a waterproofed mesh fabric (1-2cm squares) that is permanently fixed over the area to be protected. It is particularly useful for bird control in large open spaces, excellent prevention.

Electric Bird Deterrent Systems

Electric bird deterrent systems consist of long wires running parallel to the potential perching surfaces, if a bird perches on the surface it will be administered with a low voltage shock. This shock causes no long-term damage to the bird and although whilst being more one of the more time-consuming options to install, it can be highly successful in controlling larger scale, well established seagull problems.

Bird Gels

Lasting around 12-24 months, bird gels are a short-term solution to bird control and can be catagorised into two types: contact bird gels and sensory bird gels. Contact gels, as the name suggests, require the bird to make contact with the gel, following this, a mild irritant will effect the feet of the bird (similar to our experience of stinging nettles) encouraging them to avoid the area in future. Differently, sensory gels produce fear-inducing signals the bird can see (visual) or smell (olfactory).


A more natural option for seagull pest control is seen in the use of falconry. Trained falcons (large birds of prey) are instructed by their trainer to fly a route over the area effected by seagulls. As seagulls can be a natural prey to falcons, this method scares the birds from the area, making it unlikely for them to return. This method is best used where the effected area is large (e.g. public parks, industrial estates) or where structures/designs make access difficult.

Kites and Decoys

Gulls can be deterred by brightly coloured moving objects, installing rooftop kites, ornaments with rotating blades or other moving parts can aid in preventing seagulls on your property. Decoys shaped as owls and other birds of prey can also put-off potential seagull invaders.

Audio Deterrents

Audio deterrents are electronic devices that emit high frequency sound waves. Although these waves are beyond the realm of human hearing, they are very irritating to birds, making audio deterrents a great non-invasive option for seagull prevention.

Seagull Pest Control Services

If you encounter a problem with seagulls on your property the safest thing to do is to contact your local pest control, do not attempt to approach the birds as you may risk injury. Under no circumstances should homeowners/business owners attempt to remove any nesting birds without the required licences and approval from their local council authority. Any injury caused to birds during unapproved management or removal is a prosecutable offence – if in doubt always seek the advice of a professional.

Pestcure ltd offer a wide range of services to aid you in managing your seagull pest control problem:

  1. Installation of Seagull Control Systems
  2. Installation of Building Gull Proofing
  3. Trapping of Birds
  4. Falconry Bird Deterrent
  5. Abseiling/Rope Access
  6. Seagull Nest Removal and Cleaning
  7. Laser Dispersal

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I have a tenanted property and am not local to it. James was diligent, professional and considerate with both the tenant of the property and I; giving us advice on how to deal with the rodent issue we had. I would highly recommend James and Pestcue to solve the problem First rate, honest and keeps to his word.
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James is a very professional and knowledgeable pest controller. We are currently using his services for a bed bug related issue and he had been brilliant throughout the process, always able to fit in an appointment at convenient times. Would highly recommend him.
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Unfortunately my issue with Mice in my flat was not resolved. James told me I had a “mild infestation” which I assumed would have been easy for a professional to deal with.Unfortunately, a bit more than a month after James’s initial visit, we still see mice in the flat.James was professional and explained that that there are holes in my walls which are large and difficult to reach which I understand and appreciate. Additionally, James was very responsive and came out to the flat a number of times to investigate the situation which is highly appreciated.However, I hired Pestcure to help me sort out an issue, paid their fee, but after a number of visits the issue continues to persist.Response to reply: I don’t understand why this is so disappointing to you. Imagine my disappointment then when I still see rodents in my flat after I paid your fee. I did mention that I appreciate the fact that you came out multiple times and I did mention that James tried his best. Also the claim that I did not close the holes is ridiculous and undermines your response. This is because I could not close the holes while James had traps and other rodenticides down there. I had to wait until James’s last visit before I took action with another professional.
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Had bedbugs. Appointment was arranged quickly with Pestcure and James came for 3 treatments to get rid of our itchy friends.Was always easy to arrange the next step and James was always flexible and also let me know exactly when he was likely to arrive. James was always extremely pleasant and informative.Most importantly, the difference has been great and it’s been a fortnight (before the 3rd treatment) since we last saw a bedbug.
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I can honestly say that pestcure is one of the best companies I have dealt with. My horses stable was plagued with rats and I was at my wits end! James knows his stuff 100% and I am so grateful that my horses food is no longer being eaten by rodents. Thank you so much Pestcure!
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Iv used pest control people before and haven’t experienced such attentive and great, knowledgeable service. They were just great, dealt with our issue in our offices very quickly and at a good price! Would recommend to all. ThankYou guys
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James was very helpful and proactive in helping us with our problem. He explained the procedure and was happy to come back if we had any new problems.
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I would highly recommend Pest Cure. James provided excellent service and advice. He was very pragmatic and reassuring. The costs to deal with a mouse issue were very reasonable. The follow up was excellent and he went above and beyond to prevent further incursions by sealing up holes and grates. Overall, excellent, pleasant and professional service.
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Highly recommend this company. James was so helpful and invested so much time with us to sort our problem. James’s was always on the other end of the phone to provide support and information and really cares about his clients to get the problem solved. Just want to say thank you to James as he helped me through a very challenging time!
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Fantastic experience, James is v knowledgeable and has all the lot needed to remove any issues. Thinks about the client and is reasonably priced unlike other big big competitors who I feel don't have the same skill set. Would definitely re use although I'm hoping I won't need to!So my original review above was last year's issue, this year I had a larger rodent problem, called out James and yet again he's resolved the issue.Issues arose due to rodents living under an outbuilding. James' initial reaction was that it was a drainage issue. He was so thorough, put 2 x cameras down below the outbuilding, removed the decking himself and refused to leave the issue until it was resolved. He came out for 5 visits and after activity seen on camera for over 5 weeks, I've now been 11 days without an issue. This chap is the best in the business full stop, he's fitted drain valves (to stop the rat issue) and persistent rodent bait to eliminate the issue. If the issue comes back I know who to call, but I am at ease now because he has solved the source of the problem and has guided me on how to prevent it in the future. Absolutely brilliant experience and 5 stars really doesn't do his service justice.
Jatin PunjabiJatin Punjabi
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James is an extremely professional and kind individual who explains what the problem is and gives his honest opinion. He follows up with good solutions and walks you through the how, what and why. Furthermore, he's helpful throughout the process and is happy to take any further questions or concerns. We used his services for rodent issues and the situation has been improving. Obviously some of it is down to construction issues, but he's more than willing to make you understand the underlying reasons as well. Would highly recommend his service.

Found a Young, ill or Injured Seagull?

If you find a young seagull on the ground within proximity of an active nest you should leave it there. Parents will continue to feed the chick despite it no longer being in the nest. If you are unable to locate the nest, you should contact your local RSPCA, RSPB or other animal rescue services who can best advise you on what to do. Similarly, any injured birds should be reported to such authorities.

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