Pestcure Limited are at the very cutting edge of integrated pest management. Through our specialist knowledge, we apply the integration of appropriate measures to hinder the development of pest populations whilst simultaneously protecting human health and the environment.

Pest control involves much more than just the use of pesticides. Specific knowledge is required in relation to pest biology, habitat and reproduction, as well as chemical and behavioural resistance. If used without expertise, pesticides can actually worsen an infestation and could prove hazardous to both human health and our eco system.

Pestcure Limited is a name you can trust. As a family run business, we pride ourselves on our impeccable reputation and work ethic. When you utilise our services, you are guaranteed an efficient and competent technician who are experts in their field. Due to to their vast experience, they will tailor the most cost effective eradication plan to ensure that you truly receive an unbeatable service whilst simultaneously complying with the industry’s required standards and legislations.

As an ethical company, we always choose the most environmentally friendly options available and animal welfare is at the core of our practice. We only ever use pesticides/rodenticides if absolutely necessary and deemed essential. Rodents and excess pesticides are disposed of in a responsible and legal manner to minimise any hazardous implications on human health and the environment.

We aim to become one of the best businesses to work for. As a company, we invest in our employee’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs and our working environment is safe, comfortable and appealing. Our performance management review system offers our workers apt opportunities to further their career prospects if they wish to do so.