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Your search is over! Let Pestcure Ltd rid your business/home of filthy germ-ridden pests and restore order quickly, safely and competitively.

It’s not uncommon for uninvited diseased pests to take up residency in your business or home. The physicality of their presence is disabling enough, but what many people do not realise is that these pests are a potential infectious hazard to your employees and your loved ones. Rats and mice are known to spread over 35 diseases and can spread to humans directly through even the most minute trace of rodent urine, faeces or saliva.They use urine as a way to mark trails and territories. Rodents will urinate on top of scent trails to show dominance and on food to mark it as their own. Indirect infection is also possible through flies, ticks or mites who have fed on an infected rodent.

At Pestcure, we understand the need for immediate action. the longer the problem goes untreated, the more your employees, family and children are at risk of disabling/potentially life-threatening diseases. This is why we act swiftly and will end the debilitating and stressful situation that you have found yourself in. No matter where you are in London, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas we will come to your aid and exterminate all pests.


How we can protect your Home and Offices

Pest Control

From flies, wasps and spiders to more serious infestations like bed bugs, rats, mice, Pestcure Ltd will rid your property of uninvited invaders.

Dead Animal Removal

We offer safe and hygienic removal of dead animals, ensuring that we minimise any disruption and distress.

Bird Proofing

As leading experts in bird proofing, Pestcure Ltd will swiftly secure your property from any future birds.

Specialist Biohazard Cleaning Services

Our technicians are expertly equipped to quickly deal with biohazard substances and utilize safe and effective cleaning methods.

Rat Sewer Blocker

We can effectively stop rats passing through your drains by installing our renowned rat sewer blocker, giving you a permanent solution!

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