ant removalAnt Control London

We will identify ant infestations, determine the most cost-effective way to get them out of your home and then undertake a solution to keep them from returning. Eviction is guaranteed

ant removal Ant Control London

We will identify ant infestations, determine the most cost-effective way to get them out of your home and then undertake a solution to keep them from returning. Eviction is guaranteed


Ants are incredibly hard working creatures with phenomenal strength in comparison to their size. They can lift over 50 x their body weight and have great stamina to match. They work incredibly hard to search for and ferry food back to their nest to ensure their survival. This is why you often see clusters of ants rather than single ones.

Whilst not physically dangerous, ant infestations are still a major nuisance. Once a full blown infestation has taken hold, it can be very tricky to remove them. But how do you know if you have an infestation or merely just a few passing ants?

The following guide will help you to determine whether you actually have an ant issue that needs dealing with.

Expert advice and tips below!

Ants In Your House Or Garden

Ants’ nests are generally found in soil outside, including your garden. Nests can survive for several years so it’s imperative to treat it early if it’s causing you a problem; destruction of the nest is key. Ants leave the nest to forage for food which is why you might spot ants in and around your home or business.

How Would You Get Rid of Ants in my Property?

Signs of Ants

Ants will sniff out any food that is exposed no matter where it is kept. They then alert the colony to the whereabouts of the food and before you know it, hundreds of worker ants are crawling all over it. To avoid this, store all leftovers in airtight containers/bags.

Ants are not fussy and will chomp on whatever food source is available to them, including pet food. You may notice a trail of ants leading up to your pet bowl as well as ants on the food itself. Never leave your pet’s food outside for long periods of time/after they have eaten as this will entice the ants.

Ants continuously scavenge for food and you may spot them in unconventional areas such as bedrooms or bathrooms. If you do come across any stray ants, it is highly likely that they are part of a much bigger infestation.

It’s very rare for ants to build their nest inside your home, but you can be guaranteed that their nest will be in a near by place such as in your garden. Look for mounds of dirt surrounded by ants, even if it’s a few, as there will be many more underneath. Treat the nest accordingly and remember that there may be more than one nest.

If DIY treatment is unsuccessful, it’s time to call in a professional pest control company. At pestcure Ltd we offer a range of ant control solutions at the very best prices in the uk.

Our (BPCA) British pest control association certified exterminator will assit in ant removal safely and effectively.

How Much Does Ant Treatment Cost?

Ants can require up to 3 treatments depending on the species.

Inspection Only


Two Part Visit


Three Part Visit + 3 Month  Guarantee


Request a Quote

Our experts team will revert with a best quote for your problem.

Request a Quote

Our experts team will revert with a best quote for your problem.

How to get rid of ants

Ants in the United Kingdom can be a nuisance during summer as the species in general normally prefer warmer climates. Garden and black ants on the other hand can survive outside in cooler conditions and these are the ants that are most likely to invade your home.

Tropical ants such as pharaoh, rogers and ghost will only survive inside due to the warmth from heated buildings. These type of ants are rarer but despite this, are much more difficult to treat.

Luckily, ants are not known to carry any diseases, although its possible that they can still spread harmful germs.

  1. The first step of ant eradication is to assess the infestation. If you’ve seen ants marching their way into your home take a moment to observe; follow their movements and backtrack to their nest. Once the nest is located, you should destroy it appropriately using ant killer.
  2. You should watch the ants go back and forth to your property as it will help you to identify their entry points. You can then seal and fill as necessary to avoid re-entry.
  3. You could set up some ant bait stations with sticky substances such as honey or fried foods laced in treatment as they will carry the posion back to their nests, potentially killing thousands. The station will initially attract a large number of ants but do not be alarmed! This is a good thing as more ants will ferry the poison back to the nest.
  4. It takes time for the poison to completely eliminate the nest. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the ants just won’t go away. If you find that ants are still present after a couple of weeks then it’s time to enlist the help of pest control specialists.
  5. At Pestcure Ltd all of our technicians are (BPCA) British pest control association certified. We will solve your ant problem effectively, quickly, and safely.
  6.  We are ant removal specialists with access to professional materials that are not available to the general public.

Success Guaranteed

We provide fast, effective pest control services throughout London and surrounding areas. We will get rid of your pest problem guaranteed.

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How to Prevent Ants

Preventing an ant problem before it occurs is the most effective step you can take to avoid a full blown infestation. There are a range of simple steps you can take to stop a colony of ants entering your home or business.

1) CHECK BUILDING STRUCTURES: Look for any possible vulnerabilities (holes or cracks) and pest proof your building. Use mortar/cement or mastic when appropriate.

2) USE BAIT: Ants are attracted to sweet sticky foods/liquids and they will enter your property in search for a meal. it’s important to keep everywhere clean, but you tend to find them lurking in the kitchen where food is stored or prepared.

3) CLEANLINESS: Vaccume/sweep floor areas regularly, including under kitchen cuboards and appliances. Sanitise all areas throughout as it only takes one ant to alert the colony as to where the food source is and then you could end up with an ant problem.

A clean sanitised building is not so inviting for ants and if you cut their food source, you decrease the chances of getting them. some species of ants, especially the tropical specie type, are quite resilient and it can take many treatments to eradicate them.

4) CORRECT FOOD STORAGE: Food should be stored in airtight containers or sealed bags. Try to keep products stored away in cuboards and keep your fridge clean as some species can enter through the refrigerator seals.

5) PETS: Any scraps or leftovers should be disposed of immediately as pet foods attract a whole host of pests including ants. Ensure bowls are kept clean, especially after feeding.

6) SEAL ALL CRACKS AND CREVICES: These are all potential entry points; you can use products like sealant or acrylic to fill any gaps when appropriate. Also inspect around window and door frames.

7) KEEP YOUR GARDEN AREA IN CHECK: Ensure rubbish bins have tightly sealed lids and regularly clean your bins as leftover foods will attract ants as well as other pests.

8) ANT DETERRENTS: Natural repellents such as cinnamon, salt sodium, peppermint oil, bay leaves, vinegar, orange peels, cayenne peppers, whole cloves, mint, chalk, lemon, tea tree oil, lemon eucalyptus oil, neem oil, and coffee grounds can prevent or even remove ants. A combination of these products will be more effective at preventing an ant infestation.

9) CREATE A PHYSICAL BARRIER AROUND YOUR HOME: you can use natural solutions like salt, stopping them for entering and deterring them elsewhere.

If all prevention tips fail and you are now dealing with an ant infestation, it’s time to call a professional pest control company. At Pestcure Ltd all of our technicians are (BPCA) British pest control association certified and are highly trained and are experts in their field.

Furthermore we are local, affordable, and reliable, and gurantee to solve your pest problem.

Ants will forage around your property looking for food. An infestation could consist of thousands of ants and whilst they are not known to directly carry disease, they could still leave traces of animal excretion in your home due to the distance outside that they cover.

We will ascertain which treatment is suitable according to the species of ant ensuring that your property is ant-free.

We provide Ant Pest Control Services throughout London and surrounding areas.

We will get rid of your ant problem guaranteed.

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20:01 07 Nov 23
I have a tenanted property and am not local to it. James was diligent, professional and considerate with both the tenant of the property and I; giving us advice on how to deal with the rodent issue we had. I would highly recommend James and Pestcue to solve the problem First rate, honest and keeps to his word.
Tristan CollinTristan Collin
10:49 01 Nov 23
Been hearing scuttling for about a week until two nights ago when it sounded like someone was breaking into our kitchen. We went in to find a huge rat running around the surfaces. The next day we called James from pest cure and he was here within a few hours. During the visit he located the hole the rat was coming through & even saw the rat. By the time he left the kitchen was put back perfectly with two heavy duty traps hidden by the hole (non of those Amazon pieces of plastic). Although he said it could take a week, that night we heard a thwack and saw a dead rat in the morning. Called up James and he said he’d be here the same day to pick up the rat and fill the hole.For something that can make you feel so disgusting in a house, James sorted us perfectly and I highly recommend Pestcure. 10/10.
Cass DevCass Dev
18:30 27 Oct 23
James is a very professional and knowledgeable pest controller. We are currently using his services for a bed bug related issue and he had been brilliant throughout the process, always able to fit in an appointment at convenient times. Would highly recommend him.
Joseph MarkidesJoseph Markides
08:37 25 Oct 23
Unfortunately my issue with Mice in my flat was not resolved. James told me I had a “mild infestation” which I assumed would have been easy for a professional to deal with.Unfortunately, a bit more than a month after James’s initial visit, we still see mice in the flat.James was professional and explained that that there are holes in my walls which are large and difficult to reach which I understand and appreciate. Additionally, James was very responsive and came out to the flat a number of times to investigate the situation which is highly appreciated.However, I hired Pestcure to help me sort out an issue, paid their fee, but after a number of visits the issue continues to persist.Response to reply: I don’t understand why this is so disappointing to you. Imagine my disappointment then when I still see rodents in my flat after I paid your fee. I did mention that I appreciate the fact that you came out multiple times and I did mention that James tried his best. Also the claim that I did not close the holes is ridiculous and undermines your response. This is because I could not close the holes while James had traps and other rodenticides down there. I had to wait until James’s last visit before I took action with another professional.
Timothy PrattTimothy Pratt
12:27 21 Oct 23
Had bedbugs. Appointment was arranged quickly with Pestcure and James came for 3 treatments to get rid of our itchy friends.Was always easy to arrange the next step and James was always flexible and also let me know exactly when he was likely to arrive. James was always extremely pleasant and informative.Most importantly, the difference has been great and it’s been a fortnight (before the 3rd treatment) since we last saw a bedbug.
13:56 08 Oct 23
I can honestly say that pestcure is one of the best companies I have dealt with. My horses stable was plagued with rats and I was at my wits end! James knows his stuff 100% and I am so grateful that my horses food is no longer being eaten by rodents. Thank you so much Pestcure!
John CastleJohn Castle
20:49 07 Oct 23
Iv used pest control people before and haven’t experienced such attentive and great, knowledgeable service. They were just great, dealt with our issue in our offices very quickly and at a good price! Would recommend to all. ThankYou guys
r homawalar homawala
19:53 06 Jan 23
James was very helpful and proactive in helping us with our problem. He explained the procedure and was happy to come back if we had any new problems.
Zoe CopleyZoe Copley
14:05 28 Dec 22
I would highly recommend Pest Cure. James provided excellent service and advice. He was very pragmatic and reassuring. The costs to deal with a mouse issue were very reasonable. The follow up was excellent and he went above and beyond to prevent further incursions by sealing up holes and grates. Overall, excellent, pleasant and professional service.
Grace ThirkellGrace Thirkell
07:49 01 Nov 22
Highly recommend this company. James was so helpful and invested so much time with us to sort our problem. James’s was always on the other end of the phone to provide support and information and really cares about his clients to get the problem solved. Just want to say thank you to James as he helped me through a very challenging time!
Alex HathiramaniAlex Hathiramani
07:49 26 Oct 22
Fantastic experience, James is v knowledgeable and has all the lot needed to remove any issues. Thinks about the client and is reasonably priced unlike other big big competitors who I feel don't have the same skill set. Would definitely re use although I'm hoping I won't need to!So my original review above was last year's issue, this year I had a larger rodent problem, called out James and yet again he's resolved the issue.Issues arose due to rodents living under an outbuilding. James' initial reaction was that it was a drainage issue. He was so thorough, put 2 x cameras down below the outbuilding, removed the decking himself and refused to leave the issue until it was resolved. He came out for 5 visits and after activity seen on camera for over 5 weeks, I've now been 11 days without an issue. This chap is the best in the business full stop, he's fitted drain valves (to stop the rat issue) and persistent rodent bait to eliminate the issue. If the issue comes back I know who to call, but I am at ease now because he has solved the source of the problem and has guided me on how to prevent it in the future. Absolutely brilliant experience and 5 stars really doesn't do his service justice.
Jatin PunjabiJatin Punjabi
22:01 09 Oct 22
James is an extremely professional and kind individual who explains what the problem is and gives his honest opinion. He follows up with good solutions and walks you through the how, what and why. Furthermore, he's helpful throughout the process and is happy to take any further questions or concerns. We used his services for rodent issues and the situation has been improving. Obviously some of it is down to construction issues, but he's more than willing to make you understand the underlying reasons as well. Would highly recommend his service.

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